воскресенье, 6 июня 2010 г.

summer started, let's go fun.

Well, what I can to write. Try something. At last week I went to school, talked about chemistry with teacher. I did not have grade for this year, but it's not my fault, just a chemistry teacher does not like me. But now all ok already and I'll go to last year in school this fall. So, and for me summer begun and I'm happy. On Saturday me and my mom went to shopping. Drunk frappuchino in Starbucks, bought tops and shirts. I bought two couples of sandals. Yay. We are happy. Today I got a tan. But now whole my back is red. It lil bit hurts. Now I'm going to read Vogue and eat cherry. Yep. :)

Some of my purchases:

H&M (Fashion Against AIDS) sandals is very cool.


And last my photos:

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