понедельник, 21 декабря 2009 г.


I don't know what to write. I'm sick, don't want to do anything. A couple photos of this month.

The lights on my bed. I like it.

In Mom's dress.

I love this photo! Hehe.

суббота, 19 декабря 2009 г.


Emm. Hi. Now I'm sick, feeling bad, nothing to do. But yesterday went to the cinema with my friend Sasha. It's good, that cinema is not very far. We watched "Avatar" by James Cameron. I'm waiting for this movie and not in vain. Cool, stunning, beautiful, amazing, wonderful movie! Realy. I advise you to see it. :)

суббота, 28 ноября 2009 г.

Presents for me from... me. ;)

Yesterday I went to the office of MTV. Get there 3/4 hours or more. And who works there... it seems like there conducted casting - only for above 170 cm and less than 52 kg. And one in five - blonde. Ugh! Well, ok, one woman, which I came, gave me a CD and branded pendant on neck. So, on the way home I went to the shop and bought my favorite delicious Swedish cake. And today, soon, I'll have eat my mom's pancakes with maple syrup, and watch TV telecast. Hehe.

What I dressed. It's simply.

Just my face. Twice. ;)

MTV logo on my neck. ;)

понедельник, 23 ноября 2009 г.

about weekend.

In this weekend I was in my lovely Ikea, and went to the mall near it, called Mega. I love to photograph in Ikea, where "rooms". In fact, funny happens when you sit on the bed, and people go past and look at you. Hah. I have not bought anything special, most in the bags had been tasty food from Ikea Food. I love it. And in the mall I have not bought something needed, it's not good. So, weekend were great. In fact, I love to spend time in this way.

I love pink interior. ;)

Yeah, I'm still love Barbie.

Was a very foggy day. As in horror or thriller. Scary. :D

среда, 18 ноября 2009 г.


I'll go to Tokio Hotel concert here, in Moscow, at March 10. Uh-la-la. :)

понедельник, 12 октября 2009 г.


Tina, Luba, Tanya = me. 10.10.09. It was good day. ;D

My English Deluxe CD. <3

суббота, 12 сентября 2009 г.


Hmm. What happened during this time? Oh, very much things. The school, of course, idiocy. I hate it. But going for a walk after it, in contrast to the summer. So, I love the new album by Tokio Hotel. Already. ;D Clip "Automatisch" normal, but for me personally, there so many Bill. I think, it's not cool. But I still love them. Waiting for the concert at spring/summer. ;)

I <3 Moscow. Here is Moskva-river. hehe.

After Thrill the World @ Moscow.

Hey, Twiliight near? ;)

Kiss kiss.

воскресенье, 2 августа 2009 г.


Heey. What up, World? I was sick almost two weeks, and now still. Not cool - summer and be sick. Only I can it, I guess. So, mm, I have nothing new. Listen music, watch tv, sit in web. Yesterday ate ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate souce. So tasty. ;) A couple photos of me n my food. Hehe.

Top: Topshop.
Jeans: Stradivarius.
Bag: Topshop.
Sandals/Shoes: Topshop.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

пятница, 24 июля 2009 г.

240709. It's Britney Bitch!

Как неоригинально я назвала это сообщение. Ну да не об этом речь. Да да! Я до последнего думала, что так и не пойду на этот концерт. Но за два дня все же купила билеты. Их так мало оставалось, в основном на дальние или какие-то кривые места. Но сидела я все равно далеко. Перед самим концертом, внутри уже Олимпийского, не сдержалась и купила футболку. :D

Могли бы и покрасивее что-нибудь продавать, ну да ладно. Теперь она у меня как сувенир будет, напоминать об этом. Ну и билеты еще. Так вот, высокие места были единственным плохим, что в этот вечер было. Но Бритни с концертом это скомпенсировала. :) Она такая... прям слов сейчас не найду. И ничего она не толстая. :P Мне так все понравилось. Я чуть ли не пищала от восторга. Вот это действительно было Шоу. И у нее отличные танцоры. И циркачи. А сама она настоящий артист. То, что в основном был "плюс" это ничего, мне кажется. Ее голос тоже слышно же было. И танцевала она круто. В живую это все же не как на фото и видео. Я фотографировала и снимала не так много. Хотелось действительно посмотреть это FreakShow. В общем, я нереально рада. Даже не верится. :)

вторник, 21 июля 2009 г.


Love my neon pink nails. :)

понедельник, 20 июля 2009 г.


I don't know what to write. Now in the street and at home so heat. It's not cool. :/ New photos are few. Don't have a time for them.

There, my mother made a photo. Where become the rainbow.

I'm in the fitting room. I haven't bought the dress, just to try on.

well, and every day I go to watch at tokiohotel.com Tom's blog. Today, he wrote that the new album will be called "Humanoid". So funny and bit strange. Very forward to September when will be single. and October, to hear the new album.
Byyyeeeee. ;)

пятница, 26 июня 2009 г.

08.29.1958 - 06.25.2009.

R.I.P., Michael Jackson.

U will live forever for all.

среда, 10 июня 2009 г.


So. A few days I was lazy. Do nothing. He he. It was cool when I went to Muz-tv awards. God, I saw her. Haha. Katy Perry, yes. I love her. Even more love now. I shooted a videos and took pictures of her on the stage. It is a pity that I was not on the red carpet. But then, as she perfoms ... It was cool, awesome.
Tomorrow I go to school, for special training for an exam. And on Monday, I hope, been the last exam. By which I not ready and I am very afraid. This is hell.

And Sum41 were here.

Screenshots from my videos.

And my home photos. ;)

Xoxo. Kiss. Bye!